Tile & Stone Flooring - Maintenance & Care

Regular Cleaning

Sweep your floor occasionally to remove dirt and grit. For areas with high foot traffic, you’ll want to use a damp mop with a special tile floor cleaner once a week. Be sure to ask our salespeople for what cleaner they recommend for your stone and tile flooring.

Occasional Cleaning

Make sure the cleanser you use is a neutral pH compatible with grout cleaning. Never use detergent or soap, which can dull the surface or promote mildew growth. Cleaners should never contain acids, vinegar, chlorines, or ammonia, as these chemicals can damage and discolor both the grout and the stone or tile. You’ll also want to wait the proper length of time for grout to cure before applying a sealer.

Cleaning Spills

Wipe spills promptly. Since stone tile is waterproof and resistant to staining, you don’t need to worry about a spill causing permanent damage. Many of our customers with small children appreciate these kid-proof floors because they are so forgiving of stains.

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